The year is now 2016. It has been 5 years since I started a yearly reading challenge. Every year it’s the same challenge. And every year, I fail to complete it. The challenge is quite simple really: read 52 books of different genres. So that’s basically one book per week. I mean, how difficult can that be?

Well, obviously, not quite so easy for the likes of myself. And the likes of myself are those who, firstly, get extremely hooked to a book it takes them three weeks to move on. (Hashtag borderline obsessed) The type of people who can’t manage to finish a book for whatever reason. For those who end up creating different chapters in their heads with the very same characters  they’re reading. Lastly, for those who sometimes get so caught up with their imagination, they come up with a completely different story! There’s a large chance it is the book’s fault, or rather mine for my poor selection of books, but this year, I intend to be smarter. The plan? Thin books for genres I’m not overly keen on. Secondly, not waiting for the week to finish before jumping to the next book. Lastly, do not get overly dramatic with my attachment issues with the characters. (Not too confident about the latter, but here’s hoping.)

We are down to the third month of the year tomorrow, and I should have finished 8 books by now. Should being the key world. And in reality, how many books have I actually read?




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