Living in Jeddah we don’t really feel anything colder than a windy summer. Our winter is a wonderful calm breeze accompanied by a 5 minute, ten at most, rain shower. I’m not complaining. It’s absolutely lovely. I’ve learnt you need to roll with the stormy (sand stormy days), the gloomy days and blazing hot days, that I’m quite certain, has about only 2% oxygen.

The upside? We move from ac to ac to ac, that is, the house, the car, the mall, the car, the house, so in short, we don’t really get to die from suffocation. Yay.

But what of those days when you have a three year old on her three-month-long summer vacation? Oh the things you can do are limitless. Only three months is a really long time to keep a three year old entertained indoors. You could build a fortress, of course, with the couch cushions, act out games, learn all the songs from Sofia the First, dress her in fancy costumes and have a photoshoot, have a picnic in the living room, have a dance off or even a sing off or both at the same time. Or you can bribe her with chocolates and teach her the solar system. Yup, and that is exactly how we spent our summer, so here’s a throwback Thursday to the Summer of 2014 –

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