The List

Posted by on Feb 13, 2019 in The List
The List

The Bucket List, The Wish List, The Idea List or if I may: The List To Do Before You Reach Your Untimely Death. We all have them. Or perhaps hope to? Maybe not everyone has them written down, but surely everyone must have thought of wanting to do something before they turn 30 or well, die. From something as simple as reading a book a week for a year or even to something as extreme as skydiving, we need a list. Because you lose track. You lose childhood dreams, the eagerness, the adventure within, your youth and goals. Because life happens and before you know it, time knocks the life out of you. And one day, you won’t even have a day to spare for regrets.

So here’s to beginnings. And a possible end to regrets.

  1. Read 52 books in a year. That’s one book a week. Simple enough.
    Update: I have completed this. In fact, because I’m an absolute badass (and quite possibly because I’m the biggest procrastinator to ever live) I have read 51 books in 4 months. Refer to 2018 Reading Challenge. It was amazing. And also, a tad confusing… can’t remember much of those 4 months, to be honest. Kicking it up a notch this 2019 to 55 books. 
  2. Learn ballet. 
    Childhood dream. Might be too late. But hey, I could break the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person to learn ballet. Is there a record?
  3. Learn 2 new languages.
    I have a few I want to learn. But just to be realistic, let’s stick to two. Also, Duolingo has become my new best friend.
  4. Ireland.
    Yup. Ireland and I. Someday.
  5. A trip around Europe.
    I picture this in a vintage Volkswagen: feet up, buns in the air, Polaroid pictures and singing to whatever songs that suit the weather. 
  6. Relive a childhood memory.
    Too many. But a must. Will have to involve my sisters. Can’t remember a memory without them in it. 
  7. Write a novel.
    Be it published or not. 55 thousand words or more. 
  8. See the Northern Lights.
    And get proposed to there. Okay. So obviously, that wouldn’t be up to me. Move on. 
  9. Ski, hike and climb in Zermatt.
    Will probably do this last, in case I break my neck while skiing down the mountain. 
  10. Autumn in New York.
    Yes, because of the movie. Though I don’t remember the movie. I just like the title. I would also include breakfast at Tiffany’s. And also Winter in New York (even if there is no movie to date with that title). And while I’m there, I’d spend New Year’s in Times Square and watch the ball drop.
  11. Cannes Firework Festival.
    With a Minnie Mouse Balloon in hand while trying not to fall asleep before the fireworks start. This could also go under the category: Relive a childhood memory. 
  12. Learn Yiruma’s May Be.
    Yami and I discussed I shall play this while she walks down the aisle. I am now semi-convinced she hasn’t gotten married because I have yet to learn this.
  13. Volunteer.
    I’ve always wanted to be a goodwill ambassador or join a volunteer group in aiding underdeveloped countries. As my health goes, that’s not advisable. But there are ways. And those ways, I shall find.
  14. Exhibit in an Art Gallery.
    Series of paintings yet to be known.
  15. Grow a tree.
    Currently growing yellow bell peppers with the help of Click & Grow. Not quite a tree, but it’s a start.
  16. Learn a stranger’s story.
    A little less like HONY, but actually, maybe more or less the same concept. But only one person. And not a complete stranger, because of mom’s “No talking to strangers” rule. Of course.
  17. Start a business.
    Or businesses. Because why just have one? 
  18. Museum Hopping.
    It’s a thing. It should be. Not sure how it would work. To be pondered over.
  19. Walk behind a waterfall.
    You have to admit. That would be fun.
  20. Ride in a hot air balloon.
    Acrophobia aside that would be amazing.
  21. Watch the sun rise from an elevated place.
    Whether it’s a mountain, a hill, cable car, airplane or roof, I imagine it would be just as spectacular. Assuming I have cured my acrophobia by then.  

The list will probably extend over the weeks or perhaps even years to come making the list of regrets longer if I were to stay true to the procrastinator within. But I still have now and with the possibility of tomorrows. And sometimes, that’s more than enough to get through today.