I would rather die of passion than boredom. – Vincent Van Gogh

There is a certain awkwardness when given a space to write about oneself. I suggest you find out for yourself. Icons to your right will link you to what you want to know.

If you need a guideline:

Linkedin to know more about me professionally.

My Design Portfolio showcases a collection of all the projects I have worked on for the last couple of years, from branding, packaging and digital marketing. As co-founder of Iris Studio, most of my recent work involve work for Iris Creatives & Events.

So if you mean business, best to to connect with me on Iris Creatives & Events. We’re friendly (well, friendlier). I promise.

For design-related projects, goto Iris Creatives, which details case studies on corporate branding.
For events management and party supplies, visit the Iris Events Store.

(And no, I do not code.)

Behance: I paint. Surprised? So am I. Curious if I’m any good? Here will be a good place to find out.

Instagram: If you don’t like words and prefer pretty pictures. But if you’re not a fan of minimalism (and books), keep away.

Twitter: If you prefer short text, random rants and book quotes.

Goodreads: If you like to read or simply intrigued by the books I read.

Pinterest: A compilation of what inspires me: design, architecture, art, fashion, events and quotes. There are lots of quotes on there. Tons. So if you don’t like quotes, don’t go to my Pinterest page. You’ll hate it.

Vimeo: Videos that have absolutely nothing to do with design, art and writing. So if we don’t know one another (or if you don’t know Lu), you probably won’t get any of it.

And finally there’s my blog. It has all sorts of posts from book reviews, short stories, to-do-lists (yup, I’m the type to have a bucket list, no judgements allowed), and articles about art appreciation on random artists I stumble upon. And of course, there are random rants that will probably leave you more confused than you ever care to be. I would know, I wrote them.

If you feel that said links are not enough to satisfy your curiosity, you dear person, must be a stalker. But if you are convinced you are not, you may email me@gracebolos.com. And if that doesn’t work, we always have our dear-old-always-to-the-rescue: raebolos@gmail.com.

Perhaps I can answer a question or two. Maybe.